17 July 2020 / Club News


WRU Webinar No 3 Return to Sanctioned training – small groups (Thursday 16th July 2020)

To-night we have had a further Webinar meeting with the WRU in relation to the phased return to playing rugby. Tonight’s webinar focused on the return to sanctioned training in small groups and the BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINE’’S  required in order to allow us to do this. This will have to be a collective effort by everyone at the Club if we are to progress through the WRU phased return module.

I have again bullet pointed all the items that were discussed and what we now need to do as a Club moving forward.

  • Sanctioned Small group training can commence on or after the 1st August 2020.

  • All Players must complete registration on August 1st 2020.

  • Any player not registered can not train until they have done so.

  • All players must also complete a World Rugby Covid 19 Education module prior to resuming training.

  • This can be done when registering or before August 1st via the World Rugby website.

  • All players must carry out a Symptom check via WRU Game-locker prior to each training session.

  • If you are symptom free you can train, if not you must not attend the training session.

  • Maximum number allowed to train at anyone session is 30, in line with the PHW and Welsh Government Guidelines.

  • This 30 should then be split into groups of 10 or 15 to train in separate zones. This is to reduce contact and possibility of transmission of Covid 19. Groups should stay within their designated zone and there should be no movement of persons or equipment between Zones. No Tag or Touch rugby can be played.



  • Conditioning / Fitness / and agility drills should form the basis of the sessions.

  • Ball skills can be practised maintaining social distancing rules at all times (2M Rule).

  • No spectators if possible.

  • No Spitting.

  • No sharing of personal Equipment. (Drinks, Towels, Pumps etc).

  • All balls must be cleaned pre -training, during training and after training.

  • All players should wash hands prior to training, sanitise throughout training, and wash and sanitise after training.

  • Players should travel to training alone, maintain 2m distancing throughout, with no close contact greeting when arriving or leaving session, and avoid idle chat before, during, or after.

  • Players should arrive at session at designated time and leave immediately afterwards.


  • No changing or showering facilities are to be used, and this also applies to Communal areas.

  • Medical Room and Toilets can be opened and utilised but must be kept clean at all times.

  • First Aid / PPE – Only used when required.

  • Level 1 Facemask when 2M rule can be maintained.

  • Level 2 Facemask, Apron, gloves, Goggles if the 2M rule is likely to be breached.

  • PPE can be kept in the Physio / First Aid bag until required.

  • Any player who becomes unwell during training must inform Coach, Team manager, Club Official immediately.

  • Player must then be isolated, and they must then follow Public Health Wales Guidelines on reporting symptoms.


Important to note

Personal Hygiene is paramount before, during, and after sessions.

Registration, Symptom check, and Online Training must be completed before any player can commence training.


Stay safe and well, hopefully see you all together soon.

Mike Thomas.

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