19 September 2017 / Club News

The History Boys

It’s a funny thing making history for the club, some boys don’t remember the day; most of us can’t remember the night. So nothing much was different when F-Troop took on Ynysowen RFC in their first induction into the WRU National Bowl Competition.

Ynysowen were much of an unknown entity to us until Wayne fished out one of Achey’s old text books. The last time we met was in the 2000-2001 season, when Rhys Davies crossed solitarily and Scrivens Snr slotted 2 penalties. It was so long ago Kevin Sully forgot he was coaching the youth that year, and was twice as surprised certain committee members were in his team.

I should also mention that 17 years later Penallta were still adopting the same policies that underpin their success. Two boys with the firsts and 4 with the Troop meant the mighty yoof were in attendance, they are unafraid when confronting their own age group as with 40 year old veterans; so the future is as always bright for Steve, Dicky and Paddy and the coaches.

As a spectator, I can honestly attest that Ynysowen is a gem of a rugby club. Nestled in the bottom of the valley, peered at over the treetops by neighbouring Aberfan; and just far enough away from the noise and bustle of Merthyr. The welcome we were offered as away fans was outstanding, and some of our seasoned faces were invited on to the veranda to watch our team play. Side by side with our counterparts, beers in hand, reminiscing on the last two decades.

The game itself was a mixed bag of frustration and missed chances. Ynysowen were unable to capitalise on their forward power and scrum, and equally the Troop couldn’t unleash their fleet footed backline from their coin toss line-outs or Jacko picking and going from a back-peddling scrum. Every inroad into each other halves seemed to end in a terrible piece of handling or just downright bad luck.

Ynysowen opened the scoring in the first fifteen minutes as their confident 10 slotted from just over the halfway line after some unexplainable offence in the tackle area. The troop responded with some great carries by Krizan, Matthew Davies and captain fantastic Mathew Jackson – leading to Andre levelling just ten minutes later. Calm as a flat faced cucumber stepping up and thumping the ball toward his supporters standing on the veranda behind the sticks.

The second half started in much the same vein as the first, with the only mentionable note being the strength of the Ynysowen scrum, the cacophony of handling errors and Jacko picking and carrying from the back of a scrum going backwards quicker than most of us forgetting our meal deal can of pop in Chicken and Pizzaland.

It’s fair to say Ynysowen’s 10 probably didn’t enjoy his Saturday night much, as his exchanges of penalty kicks with Andre meant that the Troop went into a nervy last 5 minutes just 3 – 6 in front. Fish and Omelette must’ve smelt blood as they tackled and turned over for their lives. Despite this Ynysowen had 3 more chances to level and go in front whilst the Troop fumbled and miskicked their way to the end.

It was only steely reserve and blind faith which brought the Troop their deserved win in the end. Bolstered by the fresh faced yoof boys sticking their heads where it hurt, and encouraged by a bigger travelling crowd than attended their firsts they came away with an historic win. Played one game in the Bowl, won one; with Pill Harriers away in the new conference next Saturday.

Despite the currently lamented reporting of rugby in the media, I can say I was there and I saw it. And if someone wouldn’t mind awfully could they pass on to Achey that his text book would look this for 16th September 2017:-

15. Dan Britten

14. Laurence Donnelly

13. Andre Soroko

12. Steve Smith

11. Alex Harris

10. Dan Averiss

9. Finn Guilfoyle

1. Matthew Davies

2. Damian Sullivan

3. Lewis Quarry

4. Matthew Diffey

5. Alex Krizan

6. Corey Chubb

7. Matthew Jackson

8. Blane Rogers


16. Matthew Flower

17. Owain Davies

18. Conner Keir

19. Kieron Dymond

20. Lewis Knott


Ynysowen 3 – Penallta 6

2 pens Andre.

Don’t forget, you’ve made history boys.

Much love,

Dai Fixtures.

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