12 September 2017 / Club News

New WRU Competition, Same Old Penallta Faces.

F Troop’s induction into the inaugural WRU Conference couldn’t have started any better if it was planned. In fact as most of us know, planning anything in rugby is pretty fruitless until the execution is as clinical as you might well have planned. Something easier planned than achieved.

The exodus of F Troop stalwarts into the mighty first’s team also didn’t bode well, but in keeping with our stringent policy of promoting from within; boys move up and we move forward. There were no complaints as the woodwork of the club creaked and bended and a few fantastic lights came belting back into the open.

F Troop seemed to be back in everyone’s imagination and Ray Bisp and Paul Ansell did not complain at the wealth that came back to support them. Especially considering that from the outset, there were members of the committee that technically should be eligible to play and the head of the “vets” was rearing its ugly head.

Rhiwbina had obviously done their home-work from the start and made easy inroads into Penallta’s half, dominating the first 10 minutes and registering a penalty to take them 3 nil up for the next twenty minutes. Dan Britten must’ve been shocked that Curly offloaded, as he decided not to dot down in favour of flapping his hands and holding his head.

Pouchy corrected this early rush of blood to the head by heading over shortly after, and it seemed like old heads were the way forward as the young bloods complimented the old heads in a couple of passages of play that Rat and Old Scrivens would have been proud of. However, Rhiwbina refused to give in and took the lion’s share of possession thereafter only to be beaten back by Penallta’s ferocity in the tackle leading to a lovely black eye for Alex Harris.

In a moment of rare possession Penallta struck back at Rhiwbina’s line. Jacko refused to let the backs make a mistake or take the limelight as he powered over off the back of his packs inroads. Quickly congratulating his forwards for a great fightback lead by Smiffy and Krizan bashing away into the twenty two.

Going into the half, our own man Averiss seemed to have a mixed game at kicking and despite the score the coaches read the riot act. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they might well like to win.

The second half didn’t start well for Penallta for possession as the transition to uncontested scrums meant more of our backs were caught out of position. Coughing up penalty after penalty made for a tough game to watch and it was easy for the unaware to blame the referee, but Penallta knew it wasn’t the referee to blame as rusty memories and youth team brilliance took a time to gel.

Despite Rhiwbina’s backlash the ball was distributed lovely and Curly didn’t repeat his first mistake of passing and crossed himself. Avariss found his feet and slotted home, the Troop were in ascension. The home crowd were now in full flow and were addressing the players personally, only Karl Rees didn’t respond; his kick returns icey cold.

Again, Rhiwbina battered the Penallta pack and midfield and through a slight error in the tackle gave the Troop a foothold near the away try line. A little bit of line out magic and pressure from Penallta led to young Diffey crossing late on to seal things off. Only showing that the as old and as young the team were, winning seems to be in the blood of the Penallta F Troop.

Soon after the final whistle sounded for a 26-3 win, word started to filter through that the 1sts had won 17-10 against Nelson. No mean feat in itself. The yoof result was largely disappointing, however speaking to young Keep and Ben afterwards I was not disappointed as they admitted they didn’t turn up.

To speak to two young men from our youth section, who openly admitted their team didn’t perform as much as they’d like only goes to show how mature and appreciative they are of the game we all love and the club they are making great.

Capping off an outstanding afternoon with some great men was another outstanding night in the club. It goes without saying how much Dylan Baines is much loved by his friends as Ganty, Keepy and all the faithful managed to raise nearly £2,500 for his charity fund.

It goes without saying that all these young men grouped together are outstanding in themselves, and with the added incentive of making a great night for Dylan we came together as the rugby family we know we are.

Get well soon Bainsey, cos the rugby doesn’t stop until you get better.

Much love, Dai Fixtures.

(Rat was away.)

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